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  • Justin Patchin at QP

    You are invited to an afternoon with Justin Patchin!
    Sunday, January 30th at 1:00pm
    QP Church & Livestreamed

    KIDS & SOCIAL MEDIA - In this era of ever-changing electronic social media – we are inviting you to talk about what’s new, exciting, overwhelming and sometimes scary. 

    Justin Patchin is a professor of criminal justice at UW Eau Claire whose expertise is in the intersection of teens and technology. He talks with teens and trains educators, counselors, law enforcement officers and parents and is a Catholic parent himself. Come see how you can work toward making sure you and your family and friends stay safe (physically, emotionally and spiritually) in the digital age. This is a session for parents and students. All are welcome. Come join us at 1pm on Sunday, January 30th in the church. Livestreaming will be available.

  • Respect Life

    This year marks the 49th Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade. To mark this decision, you are invited to join the Respect Life group as we pray for all those who have had their lives changed or ended because of abortion. Come join us on Saturday, January 22 after the 5:00pm Mass. 

    We pray for calm, respectful, prayerful dialogue between opposing sides of this important issue. We pray for women and men struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. We pray for healthy, faithful, families – including foster families. We pray for an end to all violence toward children.

  • Common Issues We Face as a Family and a Church Community

    Join Justin Bangert, MS, LMFT, Christian marriage and family therapist, for a candid discussion of strategies to address common issues that may arise within our families and church communities.

    Monday, February 7
    QP Church

    Justin Bangert, MS, LMFT, Christian Marriage and Family Therapist

    As a Christian marriage and family therapist, for more than a decade, I have been professionally devoted to helping people in pain bring harmony and satisfaction into their inter and intrapersonal lives, by helping them create a solid foundation for their significant relationships as well as their walk with the Lord that is based on friendship and trust, which will allow them to overcome their differences and essentially create a shared meaning throughout their journey of life together. 

    As a father of three and married for sixteen years, I offer myself as a devoted Christian, trying to live out God’s calling to me as a father, husband, family member, and contributor to my local church community.