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Our parish offers a Health Ministry, utilizing a Parish Nurse that operates in conjunction with our Pastoral Care Ministry and under the guidance of St. Mary's Hospital, to work with resources in the parish and community. 

We're here to assist, support, and educate parishioners who are facing medical issues themselves or for their loved ones by:

  • Assisting the sick and frail by striving to meet physical, spiritual and social needs.
  • Providing wellness education for the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Accessing healthcare services and resources for those in need.

Our Health Ministry also provides:

If you’re seeking support or more information, please contact Crystal Nemeth, Parish Nurse, by email or phone at 608-231-4614. Parish Nurse office hours are: Mondays- 8:15-3:00, Wednesdays- 8:15-2:00 and Fridays- 8:15-3:00. 

Our staff values confidentiality in all relationships.