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Our Maintaining Our Vision Fund (MOV) protects, preserves and builds upon the legacy of the parish and school through providing a safe and comfortable physical environment. It was initially created to fund repairs our aging buildings and establish reserves to meet the ongoing expenses of maintenance.

The needs and allocation of funds is decided upon by the QP Building and Grounds Committee.

Only a very small portion of our annual budget is actually earmarked for capital improvements or repairs. MOV helps with large scale expenses such as bathroom remodels, security updates, etc.

How to Give

One-time gift: Make a gift online or drop a donation at the Parish Center during normal business hours.

Offertory: There’s the option to donate directly to MOV each month, weekly or as desired through online giving.

All donations to this fund are tax deductible.

If you’re seeking more information, please contact the Parish Center at 608.231.4600.