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Our Faith Formation programs, Religious Education and Youth Ministry, will look a little different this year, due to the pandemic. Although our goal is to safely provide in-person instruction, the Faith Formation staff, along with Monsignor Ken, have made the decision to implement different approaches for each grade.

Grades 1-6: have scheduled sessions through the end of December, completed at home. Corresponding lesson and resource materials for each session will be sent out to families by email. Completing these lessons as a family is a wonderful opportunity to grow in faith together.

Grades 7-8: have sessions online (at least during Covid times) beginning at 1:00pm, so that you can get home after attending Mass together, have a snack, and get online. Parents are always welcome, especially at the Reconciliation Services, the field trip/special event days, and the Feed My Sheep service day at CMC West during Lent.  

Grade 9: have the option to participate in either small groups or virtually, two Sundays a month.  Additionally, there are options for retreats, and opportunities for Faith Formation once students register for our Sunday Faith Formation sessions.

Grades 10-12: have the opportunity to participate in virtual and in-person retreats, mini-courses and pizza & Theology sessions.  Post-Confirmation students can continue to participate in these options, as well as pursuing a Small Christian Community (currently scheduled to be virtual) and even being small group leaders for our Freshman. Learning about and living out our faith never ends!