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Parish Survey

QP's parish survey is now live--and we want to hear from you!

We're participating in a parish-wide survey about discipleship conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute, a non-profit Catholic apostolate that does leadership training and development throughout the United States. All of our parishioners, ages 16+, are asked to complete a 10-15 minute survey.

You can participate online by clicking here. We encourage all to take the survey online. Paper copies can be found under the bulletin boards in the church though--please return to the Parish Center during business hours. You can also print one out here.

The survey will ask you to reflect on your own spiritual growth and enable you to provide feedback on our parish’s efforts to help you grow.  This information will be invaluable to our parish and our various ministries, as we plan for the future and strive to be the best disciples we can be. All priests in the diocese are taking a survey too, which will help to match future priest assignments. 

All responses will be confidential, and the parish will only receive information about the community as whole.

Thank you for helping with this important project!