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The "Dynamic Deacon" at QP

Did you miss the Dynamic Deacon at QP? No worries! Deacon Harold’s talks on the Eucharist and Mass, on the Catholic response to Racism and on Evangelization are all still available below. 

Living a Eucharistic Faith: The Big Deal About Mass and Why It Matters

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers will show clearly and definitively that the Mass and Scripture are intimately connected.  He will demonstrate from the Bible how the Mass unites us to Christ's sacrifice on the Cross in an intimate and personal way, and explain how to live Eucharistically" by making the connection between what happens at Mass and the application of its fruits in our lives.

Building a Civilization of Love: A Catholic Response to Racism

Deacon Harold cuts through the pejorative rhetoric, weaponized language, and virtue signaling of the culture to reveal the heart of a Catholic response to racism. This response is rooted and finds its deepest meaning in the timeless principles found in Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition. 

Go and Make Disciples: The Call to Evangelization

Starting with the Eucharist and the family, this presentation explains why it is important to share the love of Christ with others. Deacon Harold provides basic, practical, real world advice on how to talk to family, friends, and loved ones about the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.