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Our 75th Anniversary, as a parish family, is an important event for all of us, if you think about it. Six couples had a vision to create a parish on the far west-side of Madison. Those six couples went door-to-door to petition to get signatures to start this parish. It was on December 12th that the first pastor was named—our 75th Anniversary date that we celebrate this weekend.

From very simple beginnings, we have grown to over 2,800 households that are all beneficiaries to those six couples sharing their faith with us. In celebration, we created a video highlighting just a handful of our families. Oh, how we wish we could hear all of your individual stories of your time at QP though!

Click here to view the expanded version of the 75th Anniversary Video

Click here to view the shorter version of the 75th Anniversary Video, played at the Drive-In Celebration

Click here to view the Anniversary Issue of the Spirit Newsletter. 


A special history booklet was created. Click to view it online here. What we have done in 75 years is truly amazing, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Our Lady Queen of Peace 75th Anniversary Prayer

O God our loving Father, who planted the seeds of faith in our parish 75 years ago, we thank you with great joy for the many blessings and graces you have given us!

God, we thank you for the witness and work of generations past, whose faith and love over 75 years has formed the foundation of our beloved parish community. We praise you for the ways you have nourished and fed us with your Word and Sacrament, led by the example of our blessed mother, Our Lady Queen of Peace. We thank you for all those who have provided gifts of time, talent, and treasure in support of our parish and school in years past. 

Grant us the grace and strength to continue to nurture the faith in our present time and to pass it on to the coming generations. May our parish remain a place where all are welcome, a community of hospitality to the strangers in our midst. May we continue to serve as Christ’s hands and feet through service, outreach, and advocacy throughout the wider Madison community. And may our school and parish continue to flourish and to grow as we seek to become stronger disciples of Jesus.

We ask our patroness, Our Lady Queen of Peace, to keep us under her special protection, so that we may continue to give God glory for many years to come. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Learn about our PAST:

* Pick up a 75th Anniversary History Booklet, available Dec. 12th in the gathering space.   

* Read the upcoming Spirit Newsletter.

Celebrate our PRESENT:

* Watch the Special Anniversary Video.

* Watch the recorded Anniversary Mass, weekend of Dec. 12th.

Prepare for our Future:

* Evangelize! Participate in the Diocesan evangelization initiative, “Go Make Disciples.” More about our parish involvement in the months to come.