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Offertory Restoration Project

Our Offertory Restoration Project is now up and running! If you missed Father Rich’s homily, we invite you to take a moment to listen below. He did a great job sharing the full details about the importance of this project.

More on how you can help make this project a success:

If you have been watching our financial stewardship report in the bulletin each week, you may have noticed our current budget shortfall that we must tackle together.

Please take a moment to ponder and pray on how you can help:

  • Have you forgotten to make your regular contributions with not physically being in the pews because you’re participating in our Virtual and Live-streamed Masses? Envelopes can still be mailed to the Parish Center, made as a contactless drop-off at the Parish Center or made online.
  • Have you considered moving your offertory giving online?  Faith Direct is our easy and secure way to make donations by credit/debit card or e-checks. You will have the option to set your offertory gift amount, frequency and designate any additional donations such as Easter Flowers, Catholic Multicultural Center, etc. To learn more or enroll, please visit
  • Is it time to look at your monthly giving? If we all increased our offertory gift by just a little, we could quickly tackle our shortfall together!
  • Have you considered a monthly gift? If we all gave an offertory gift of just $10 per month, it would completely eliminate our budget shortfall and allow us to do even more for our parish and our community!
  • Are you not giving through an envelope or online? If you’re dropping gifts loosely in the offertory baskets during Mass, thank you! We have no way to tie that offertory gift to you. If you’re not receiving offertory envelopes, please call the Parish Center at 608.231.4600. 

Our parish offertory is much more than just making a donation to the parish. It’s truly essential for our parish operations, which allows us to serve God, our parish family and the community. Together, we can do so much.

We understand that the pandemic may have brought stress to many of our families too, so if you find yourself in this scenario, please be sure to let us know. We want to be available to help ensure that our families can get the assistance and prayers they need during these difficult times.

Thank you for choosing and supporting QP. We’re so glad you’re here!