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On Holy Ground

A message from Monsignor Larry:


Dear Sisters & Brothers in the Lord!

As I begin my fourth month among you, I do so with such a grateful heart and ever deepening amazement at the faith and goodness of our faith community! The core truth of the Lord’s Good News is God’s unconditional, perfect love for each of us. God wants us to know and believe that ever more, and to allow that love/grace to be transformational in our lives. Our response to God’s Love is called discipleship, exactly who we are called to become. We are blessed to be a part of this vibrant parish, where we meet God, God meets us, and we support each other in our faith journeys. This is certainly challenging in a very secular world, but we rely on the Lord to be our guide and our strength. You and I can change this world for good as witnesses of Jesus’ love and compassionate presence. 

I invite you to catch hold of an image of somewhere at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish – this is Holy Ground. Our fellow parishioners, these buildings, programs, opportunities for service and outreach, prayer and worship, and so much more, enable us as we strive to become Saints. 

Each week, we are witnessing a greater number of people coming to, and returning to, the Sunday Eucharist! The Mass is known as the primordial Sacrament – everything that we are as people of faith, everything we are about, flows from the Mass and leads us back. Please continue to invite your family, friends, neighbors, strangers to gather with us for Masses.

I also wish to thank you for being good stewards for this Holy Ground, by your generous gifting of your talents and treasure for the life of the parish. It’s important for all of us to often evaluate the priority of sacrificial giving for the Church, in response to God’s love for us now, and into eternity.  

As you pray about what your financial support is, and can be, a major help to us is for you to consider moving your financial giving to our online system. Faith Direct is our easy and secure option for online giving. You can learn more or sign-up here.

Thank you as we support each other and grow together in and through this Holy Ground!
Msgr. Larry Bakke

More on what you can do:

Please take a moment to ponder and pray about what your giving can look like. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Have you considered moving your offertory giving online?  Faith Direct is our easy and secure way to make donations by credit/debit card or e-checks. You will have the option to set your offertory gift amount, frequency and designate any additional donations such as Easter Flowers, Catholic Multicultural Center, etc. To learn more or enroll, please visit

  • Is it time to look at your monthly giving? If we all increased our offertory gift by just a little, we can continue to do so much on this Holy Ground! 

  • Are you participating in the virtual/live-streamed Mass? Envelopes can still be mailed to the Parish Center, made as a contactless drop-off at the Parish Center or made online.
  • Are you not giving through an envelope or online? If you’re dropping gifts loosely in the offertory baskets during Mass, thank you! We have no way to tie that offertory gift to you. If you’re not receiving offertory envelopes, please call the Parish Center at 608.231.4600. 

Our parish offertory is much more than just making a donation to the parish. It’s truly essential for our parish operations, which allows us to serve God, our parish family and the community.

Thank you for choosing and supporting QP. We’re so glad you’re here!