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Are you expecting new life, struggling to conceive, or grieving a miscarriage or stillbirth? 

Our Elizabeth Ministry supports and encourages women in the childbearing years. Elizabeth Ministry mentors provide support in a variety of shared life situations including pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, multiples, crisis pregnancy or birth, infertility, and adoption. Our goal is to affirm the sanctity and dignity of every life, no matter how small or unexpected or brief.  We will stand by you in the joys and challenges of parenting, as Elizabeth did for Mary as she awaited the birth of her blessed Son, Jesus.

If you’re seeking support or would like more information about helping in Elizabeth Ministry as a mentor, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at (608) 231-4617.


Miscarriage: Moving from Grief Toward Healing

If you have experienced the grief of pregnancy loss, we know this can be a painful time because the life you carried often goes unrecognized, unacknowledged, and life around you just moves on as if nothing happened. Our Elizabeth Ministry helps mothers, fathers and couples with support and education following a loss, whether it be recent or many years ago.

We also offer a small miscarriage support group a few times a year, using the book In Loving Remembrance, a Catholic guide to miscarriage and pregnancy loss.
You may find yourself with many questions during this difficult time too: Why is this happening? Where can I go for support and answers? Can I have a funeral or memorial service? Should I name the baby? How do I talk to friends and family about the baby? We can help answer those questions. Our Catholic Church cares for every life no matter how brief.

If you’re seeking support or more information, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at (608) 231-4617. You can also complete the form below and a ministry member will contact you soon.


You will find a few resources below. Be use sure to reach out to our Pastoral Care Team at (608) 231-4617 for additional resources.

Healing Tears After a Miscarriage

Your Rights During a Miscarriage