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Are you or is someone you know newly separated/divorced, and looking for extra support? Did you go through the pain of divorce in years past, and still desire deeper healing?


Our parish offers a Divorce Ministry to bring support, hope and healing to the men and women of the parish who were divorced or separated. Divorce is an extremely painful and often complicated experience, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that you don’t need to travel on this road alone.

Our parish is here to help support you through this difficult time. We offer one-on-one annulment support, healing resources, and a 12-week small group that meets in the fall and in the spring.

If you’re seeking support or more information, please contact Cheryl Horne.


Here’s what some recent participants in the small groups had to say:

“I really appreciated how group members supported each other. When someone had something they struggled with, someone else usually had a suggestion and words of encouragement.”

“I felt confidentiality was made a top priority which was essential for me.”

“I enjoyed learning from the other members of the group, learning about how they are processing their divorce, their prayer life and seeing their increased confidence in being able to get past this difficult phase in their life.”

“I appreciate the structure of the video program. It covered an array of topics that I may not have thought to explore.”

“Our leader was not judgmental and very understanding. I really liked that we started and ended with a prayer. I found this very helpful to know that we are all grounded in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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