A community of believers challenged
by Christ’s call to help build the kingdom of God
Queen of Peace K4-8

Student Life

A well-rounded student has access to a high-quality education, support for growing in faith, and extracurricular activities. Our students participate in a number of clubs and activities outside the classroom, allowing them to develop interests and establish relationships around those interests.

QP Knights Athletics

Athletics are a huge part of student life at OLQP School, and provide an opportunity for students to learn basic skills including strategy, dedication, team play, and sportsmanship. We provide interscholastic sports to students in fifth through eighth grades. We strive to instill the desire to contribute to the team and maintain lifelong healthy activity. The QP Athletics Association supports the school’s interscholastic sports and consists entirely of parents. We meet monthly and encourage all parents to attend. We offer the following sports:

  • Fall: Boys Touch Football and Girls Volleyball
  • Winter: Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Spring: Boys and Girls Track, Boys Volleyball, and Girls Softball

Athletics Representatives

  • Bernie Zwettler - Athletics Director
  • Paul Wrycha - MAISL Rep
  • Jeff Audretsch - Treasurer
  • Carl Kugler 
  • Tom Yager
  • Chris Caulum
  • Darryl Thelen
  • Kathleen McNeil
  • Liz Vega
  • Mike Martin
  • Stacey Binder
  • Lisa Young

After-School Enrichment Classes

We are excited to offer several options after school at different times throughout the school year. Some are teacher-led and will have parent involvement. We outsource a few of the classes to community organizations. Sign-up information will be available through the Wednesday Update weekly school email.

  • Drama - First Act Drama offers fall and spring 8-week classes, culminating in fall and spring performances. This year, The Big Friendly Giant and The Jungle Book are on deck.
  • Engineering for Kids - Bringing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to kids ages 4-14 in a fun and challenging way through classes.
  • Forensics - An extra-curricular activity led by teachers for students in grades 6-8 to build self-confidence and competency in public speaking.
  • Homework Club - Offered Monday through Thursday for students in grades 4-8. This is a teacher-led opportunity for students to complete homework before going home or attending athletics practices.
  • Math Club - For students in grades 4-6 who may need a little extra guidance, who love math, or who like to be challenged to think beyond the book.
  • Photography - Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to learn basic and intermediate skills.


The Wellness Committee is a subcommittee of Education Commission, comprised of school parents and staff, which encourages a school environment promoting children’s health, well-being, and life-long learning. In collaboration with staff, Wellness volunteers help support healthy eating and physical activity as outlined by the QP wellness policy. Volunteers offer or co-sponsor opportunities like gardening in the school garden, a free karate class, a healthy snack design contest, mindful movement, winter break open gym, the spring fun run/walk, and a summer wellness challenge. Sign up to help in the QP School garden.