A community of believers challenged
by Christ’s call to help build the kingdom of God
Queen of Peace K4-8

Choose QP

We understand that selecting the right school for your child is a big decision, and we know you want to choose a learning environment that offers the best opportunities available to your child. QP School is a community within a community, offering a faith-centered, quality education.

Opportunities for Learning

We offer a challenging academic curriculum that caters to the needs of individual students. We have extracurricular and athletics programs that enhance the student learning experience. QP's religion classes help students foster their relationship with God and the church.

The goal is to prepare students to meet future challenges as they travel on to high school and beyond.

Admission & Enrollment

We accept all children without regard for race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. Children entering school must meet minimum age requirements. We accept applications for admission throughout the school year, and we place applicants on a list until we determine open spaces. We prioritize the list based on parishioner status at the time of application.

All applicants seeking parishioner status must:

  • Officially register as parishioners and attend Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Regularly participate in sacramental programs as a family
  • Volunteer time and talent to Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish
  • Support Our Lady Queen of Peace financially as determined by the Parish Finance Council. 

The Parish Finance Council determines tuition for parishioners and non-parishioners upon recommendation of the principal and the Education Commission. For more information about tuition rates and admission, contact us.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some parents have to say about our program.

Queen of Peace encouraged a good sense of humor in the classroom—not as a distraction to learning, but as an integral part of learning. Thank you, teachers.” - Parent

My twins, who had very different needs and abilities, were treated with equal respect and were both encouraged at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Both had an exceptional experience.” - Parent

"Queen of Peace is a place we call home. It's meant the world to our family, especially our kids. We are blessed to be there." - Parent

"What we love about QP is the community feel of the school. It is not just a school but a place where our whole family is involved. The staff works hard to create a loving and warm learning environment for our daughter." - Parent

"My daughter loves Our Lady Queen of Peace School because it feels like a family and teachers are so caring and compassionate." - Parent

"Both of our children loved QP - one at the top of the class and the other, who is very smart, struggling with a learning disability. The teachers were equally kind, supportive, and understanding to, and had high expectations for, both." - Parent