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Dare to Rest: Your Lenten Challenge!

Legs posing in grassIn a 60 Minutes interview, Pope Francis took issue with our chronic busyness, saying, “We live with the accelerator down from morning to night. This ruins our mental health, our spiritual health and physical health. More so, it affects and destroys the family and therefore society.”

He went on to say that we should be keeping the Lord’s Day holy, using this one day a week to honor God, to spend time with family, and to play.

“We are not machines!” he said.

If you feel your life consists mostly of work and “to-do” lists, a day of rest might feel like a luxury you can’t afford. But, God invites us to do just that! What can you do to keep the Lord’s Day holy? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Attend Mass
  • Turn off your phone (really)!
  • Move a chore you often do on Sundays to another day (groceries, laundry, bills)
  • Call your mom
  • Connect with an old friend

You can check out more suggestions by Jennifer Fulwiler, The Courage to Rest.

Lent is only six weeks long, six Sundays. Pick one thing and commit to it. Dare ya!

Forgiveness with Dr. Robert Enright

Dr. Robert Enright holding a bookDr. Enright is a leading researcher on forgiveness and healing. He has worked with victims of violent crimes, led workshops in war-torn areas of the world, and developed teaching materials to help children learn the art of forgiveness. Jesus said, "Before you come to the altar to worship, go and make peace with the person who has harmed you." Please join us for this inspiring talk. All are welcome. No reservations needed. Thursday, March 14, 7:00 p.m. in the Gathering Space.

Contemplative Prayer– Opening the Door to the Spirit

Shadow of a glowing birdHave you been considering checking out contemplative prayer, but wanted to first learn more about what it is? Lent is the perfect time to explore this path to deepen your relationship with God.

We are offering a 4-part series on the basics of contemplative prayer, 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, March 13 & 20, April 3 & 10.

Join us in the Gathering Space for these presentations, prior to meeting for contemplative prayer in the chapel. Contemplative prayer is a silent time of receptive prayer in which we practice resting in God. It fosters intimacy with God and a new way of seeing and living in our world. All are welcome to join us as we practice this ancient form of prayer together. 

We offer contemplative prayer every Wednesday of Lent, except for Ash Wednesday. Join us!