A community of believers challenged
by Christ’s call to help build the kingdom of God
Queen of Peace K4-8

About QP School

Our Lady Queen of Peace School is a K4 through 8th grade Catholic school. We base our teachings in a strong faith and community life while offering a rigorous curriculum and pervasive technology, as well as music, Spanish, physical/health education, visual arts, reading lab, and band.

Our Mission

Working together in a caring environment and Christ-like spirit, students, teachers, and parents will encourage the search for knowledge and an appreciation of each person’s capabilities and differences.

Our Lady Queen of Peace School fosters a love for our Catholic community and creates lifelong, Christ-like learners. Strengthened by our commitment to community, our students, teachers, pastoral staff, and parents encourage a strong relationship with God to grow in knowledge and respect for every person’s capabilities and differences. We empower students to build confidence as they participate in opportunities for them to achieve their potential in spiritual formation through academic rigor, leadership, and service to God and the community.

Our Philosophy

Children are a gift of God, given to us temporarily to love and teach. They are intrinsically good, eager to learn, and have unique talents.

Children need and have a right to love, acceptance, understanding, support, and guidance in order to discover and develop their own gifts and talents so that they may become more Christ-like and responsible members of the world community.

School, as an extension of the home, provides positive experiences which stimulate and motivate each child to achieve his or her full potential in an atmosphere of security, faith development, academic excitement, and social interaction.

Queen of Peace School has the responsibility to be a community of faith where members teach and model the message of Jesus and inspire each other to service.

Our Goals

  • Live as Jesus taught us, praying together, helping others, speaking kindly, forgiving, finding the good, making peace.
  • Promote a caring school climate in which students maximize their capabilities.
  • Encourage each person to believe in him or herself and to do his or her best.
  • See and appreciate the likeness of God in others.
  • Foster an effective communication network which builds positive relationships.
  • Be aware of the challenges and choices faced by students.