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Education Commission

The Education Commission works to ensure the high quality education and effective school operation our families have come to know. With oversight from the pastor, Pastoral Council, and Finance Council, it develops and recommends policies and promotes public and parent understanding of the school and its mission. The commission is comprised of 12 parents, teachers, and administrators, all of whom are dedicated to the academic success of the students we serve.

We value parent input and always welcome parents to attend our meetings or bring their questions and concerns to any commission member. Meetings take place on the third or fourth Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the teacher’s lounge. We will post meeting dates on the school calendar. To add an item to the agenda, talk to a commission member prior to the meeting.

Education Commission Members

Stephanie Sweeney
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Mike VandenBrook
Vice President
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Sara Braun

Moira Cattapan
Policy and Operations, School and Family Association

Jill Heffron
Public Relations

Dawn Matzke
Policy and Operations

Lynda Patterson

Jeanine Ranzen
Teacher Representative
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Kevin Schmotzer

Christine Sharkey
Public Relations

Erik Stacey

Dinean Thelen

Kathleen Williams
Public Relations
Wellness Committee

Education Commission members